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Professional Portfolio

ADAMA Pastagem

The app was made in Flutter for ADAMA, one of the biggest companies for cultivation protection. The App has the purpose to help ADAMA consultants in visiting farms, generating reports about pests that attack farms, and recommending ADAMA products like pesticides. The app has 2 profiles, ADAMA consultants and the client (farmer), where the client receives reports made for the app. The app needs to work in the middle of the farms, where the internet connection is very bad, so, the app was developed to work offline with about 30 tables using SQLite library for data persistence. The report is made totally offline, by capturing photos and localization, then when the app has a connection, it starts synching data. This application won an award for innovation inside ADAMA International. Published in the Apple Store and Google Play.


is a Startup that makes it possible for you to schedule medical and telemedicine visits from the app. The differential is that the more clients there are the more affordable the monthly payment is for each one, which makes it more accessible to the people. The app was built with Flutter, using the classic model of scheduling medical consults, finding doctors by specialty and localization, and then selecting the date/time of the visit. One of the latest developed features was the telemedicine visit, which we made using the Zoom library, where we faced a challenge because the library gives support only for Android and IOS native. Therefore, we created a bridge between Flutter (Ui Screen) and Native Android which calls the framework using Platform Channel.

WiseUP Language School

The app was made using Android with Kotlin. This app is for WiseUp's students and is a supporting educational material, which contains video classes, a student calendar, language exercises for speaking, listening, reading, and other features. I participated in the project maintenance. I implemented Firebase Crashlytics and Analytics in the project to facilitate bug fixes and analysis. I fixed several bugs and implemented Firebase Firestore and a Realtime Database for version control and rating of the app from the student. It was updated for the version of Exxoplayer (video player) and saving the progress of video classes was implemented.


The app made in Java was developed for people who are interested in learning about entrepreneurship. This app contains documentaries, tutorials, and a series of videos about successful Brazilian entrepreneurs. It is like Netflix for entrepreneurship. In this project, I worked on maintenance and bug fixes. I put Firebase Analytics, Crashlytics, Firestore, and Remote Config. It was updated for the version of Exxoplayer, performance was improved, and new features were created. This app contains local persistence and a local database with SQLite, so the students make downloads and watch the videos and classes offline.

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